Our Future

88% of people see CPD as an investment in their personal growth and development

National Qualities Index

We believe that CPD will be increasingly important for everyone, at every stage of their lives, everywhere.

The value we create - what we earn and how we earn - will require that we continually reinvent ourselves.

We need to build on the best of current practice, and reinvent CPD for the twenty-first century. The Institute of CPD will provide a platform to bring together members, partners and stakeholders to work out how this can best be achieved.

We don’t have all the answers but we are clear about how we will set out to do this.

  • Listening and learning from members - past, present and future.
  • Building on the insights of coaching and mentoring, and learning and development.
  • Making the most of the best of digital, always asking why, and how this best supports human learning.
  • An holistic approach which brings together technical and soft skills, with the personal and the professional: we can’t reinvent what we do unless we also reinvent who we are.

Embracing CPD to renew and ensure that the professions are fit for purpose - whilst widening CPD for many more individuals across business and society: students, candidates, people making big changes such as returning to work, or leaving the armed forces, older generations of workers, and many more.

To achieve this, we need to build a sustainable future for the ICPD.

This includes authoritative and strong governance: we will be announcing members of our senior advisory board in the new year.

We will also be announcing a variety of ways in which people can join the ICPD - and how they can make full use of accredited CPD activity already undertaken, alongside other high quality content, for their MInstCPD certification.