Supporting and promoting lifelong learning

88% of people see CPD as an investment in their personal growth and development

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ICPD promotes lifelong learning and continuing personal and professional development.

We reward those who demonstrate their commitment to progress in their career and self-improvement with the right to use the prestigious initials after their name - MInstCPD.

What is CPD

CPD is all about lifelong learning. Traditionally this has stood for Continuing Professional Development. At ICPD we recognise the importance of lifelong personal and professional development.

CPD ensures that learning through continuing personal and professional development is effective and recognised across professions, for people across the workforce – of every age and at every stage of their career.

ICPD is here to support you on this journey, to scrutinise and promote excellence in lifelong learning and continuing professional development. As well as rewarding you for demonstrating your commitment and helping you track and prove your progress to become a better version of yourself.


Over the next 20 years, the world of work will continue to change beyond recognition. A ‘career for life’ is now a thing of the past for almost all professions. The future looks even more uncertain as digital disruption and automation impact on career paths and jobs.

What is certain is we need to keep learning and developing as individuals. Not only do we need to continue learning new technical skills (hard skills), but also the ‘soft skills’, for example: creativity, leadership and resilience.

For the average 25-year-old today, whose life expectancy will be over 80 years, almost every research report suggests that most people won’t be able to retire until they are 75. That means a 50+ year working career life. During that time, given the impacts on work caused by technological disruptions, the average person might end up having 10 different careers.

People will need to commit themselves to lifelong learning and continuing personal and professional development.

Adaptability and constant personal and professional reinvention will be critical to remaining employed and earning a living. This is going to require a mindset of lifelong learning that wasn't required by past generations. This will mean that we will need to continue to learn all sorts of skills to adapt within the ever changing world of work.

Membership of ICPD allows you to prove your commitment and progress on this journey of lifelong learning.

Why be a member

As a MInstCPD I can evidence that I am committed to:

Becoming the best version of myself, adapting myself to meet the changing needs of the world around me. 

Spending at least 30 hours per year doing CPD, demonstrating my commitment to my own lifelong learning and continuing personal and professional development.

How to be a member

We will soon be announcing a number of ways to join the ICPD.

Currently you can subscribe to QDooz Premium and complete 30 hours of CPD. 

Once you have completed 30 hours you will receive your prestigious MInstCPD certificate.

Tony Manwaring CEO

I’m proud to be the CEO of the ICPD: we will promote the ‘gold standard for lifelong learning’, supporting members to become the best version of themselves and demonstrate their own commitment to their own journey of lifelong learning and continuing personal and professional development.

Tony Manwaring